Current Projects


Customer Name

1 Wegagen Bank  SYMMETERA PX 160VA Preventive Maintenence Services
2 PPPDS  Three year framework contract agreement for the supply of 1500VA and 1000VA UPS
3 Dashen Bank  Supply of 10 and 30 Pcs of UPS Batteries APC 10KVA and APC 1500KVA
4 INSA  Supply of UPS , Air Condidtioners Power System and Software
5 Commercial Bank of Ethiopia  Supply, Installation, test and commIssioning APC  Symmetra PX 32kW All-In-One, scalable to 48kW
6 Bunna International Bank S.C  Supply of 60,000BTU Precision Cinditioners
7 Nib International Bank S.C  Supply of 50 units of 3000VA UPS
8 Awash International Bank  Supply of one unit of APC Symmetra PX 100KVA UPS
9 Bank of Abyssinia  Supply of APC Smart UPS 25 units of 8KVA and 80 units of 1.5KVA
10 MSS  Supply of APC Smart UPS 15 units of 1KVA
11 MSH  Supply of APC Smart UPS 14 PIECES OF 3000VA
12 Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation

 Supply, installation, test and commisioning of APC Symmetra PX 64KW Scalable to 160KW.

 1year advantage Ultra Service Plan for 1 Symmetra PX 64K with PU/XR.

 Scheduled maintenance service.

 Training in France by APC by Schneider Training and Reasearch Center for 4 trainees.


13 SA Construction Supply of 600KVA Canopy Type , Volvo Engine, Water Cooling System Generator with LTS1000A