Sucess Stories

The following is list of major projects which have been successfully executed so far by the company.

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Category 1: Diesel Generators


Work Executed

1. Ethiopian Telecommunication

40 Diesel Generators Supply and Installation

2. Oromia Education Bureau

12 Diesel Generators Supply and Installation

3. Ethiopian Telecommunication

100 Diesel Generators Supply

4. Canadian Embassy

4 Canopied Diesel Generators Supply

5. National Bank Project (Akaki)

730Kva Automatic Standby Generators Supply

6. Ministry of National Defense

4 x 930Kva and 12 x 65Kva Generators Supply

7. Ethiopian Press Agency

Diesel Generators Supply and Installation

8. South Water Works Construction

21sets Diesel Generators Supply and install

9. Ethiopian Mine Action

4 diesel generators supply and Installation

10. GRACE Engineering

1set 1600Kva systemized Generator

11. Commercial Bank OF Ethiopia

6 set 40Kva Generators Supply & Installation

12. AKIR Construction P.L.C

1set 800Kva Generators supply & Installation

13. MAGECON Construction

High power generators

14. Immigration

10 sets 45Kva Generators Supply & Installation

15. Ethiopian Air Lines

1 set 100Kva Generators Supply & Installation

16. National bank of Ethiopia

Supply, installation test & Commissioning of 2  x 560Kva Generators.


1.    MIDROC Construction P.L.C

Supply and Installation of 10 APC Silicon UPS 10,20 & 60Kva

2.    Sunshine Construction P.L.C

Supply and Installation of 6 APC Silicon UPS 120Kva

3.    World Vision

supply and installation 1 APC Symmetra 40Kva scalable to 80kva

4.    Yobek Electrical

1APC Silicon 20Kw

5.    World Food Programme

13 APC Silicon UPS 30Kw, 20Kva & 160Kw

6.    ICRC

1 APC Silicon 20kw service and reconfigure

7.    GTZ

1 APC Silicon 20Kw Installation Test, Commissioning and startup

8.    UNICEF

2 APC Silicon 10 & 20Kva Installation Test, Commissioning and startup

9.    Electrical world

1APC Silicon 20Kva

10. Siemen P.L.C

1x 20Kva APC InfrastruXure UPS

11. African Lakes

1x30Kva APC Smart-UPS

12. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

1x40Kva InfrastruXure UPS

13. AKIR Construction P.L.C

4x20Kva APC Silicon UPS

14. FLINSTON Engineering

3x20KVA APC Silicon UPS

15. ICT

1x80Kva InfrastruXture UPS Conditioners Supply & Installation

16. Ethiopian Air Lines

1x80Kva Infrastructure UPS Supply & Installation

17. ILRI

1x30Kva UPS with accessories


1. YOTEK Construction P.L.C

Supply and installation of 2 Compact Substation Transformers 1250 & 1000Kva

2. Tibebe Construction P.L.C

Supply and installation of 2 Compact Substation Transformers 1000 & 315Kva

3. SA Construction PLC

Supply of 1000 & 1250Kva for Derban Cement

CATEGORY 4: Lighting Poles and Master

1. MIDROC Construction P.L.C

18 sets of 60Mt Steel Towers

2. MIDROC Construction P.L.C

23 Base Transverse Station

3. MIDROC Construction P.L.C

30 mt Mast air port cargo terminal


1. World Bank

20 Air Conditioners Supply and installation

2. Ethiopian Radio & TV

2 Split type Air Conditioners Supply and Installation

3. Ministry of National Defense

3 Air Conditioners Supply and Installation

4. Capacity Building

1x60,000BTU Floor Standing Air Conditioners

5. Ethiopian Civil Aviation

6 set Split type Air Conditioners

6. Ethiopian Telecommunication

50set Precision Air conditioners


6 Hi-wall split type Air conditioners

8. Keangnam Enterprise Ltd.

28 Window type room Air conditioners

9. Melke General Contractor

7 window type room Air conditioners

10. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

2x36,000BTU Split type Air conditioners

11. Ministry of Revenue

1x60,000BTU Floor standing Air Conditioners

12. Immigration & Nationality Affairs

10 set Window Air Conditioners

13. Addis Ababa University

1x24, 000BTU Split type Air Conditioners.

14. I-TECH

20x18,00Btu Split type Air Conditioners

15. Procurement Service Enterprise

36x18,000Btu Window Air Conditioners & Fan

16.  ELPA

Supply of Air Conditioners 24,000 BTU

17. Dashen bank S. C.

Supply and installation of 57Kw Cooling Units and APC  Symmetra PX 64Kva scalable to 160Kva.

18. Addis Ababa Hilton

Supply, Installation, Test and commissioning of 1 x  1000Kva and 2 x 1250Kva ORTA DVS


1. Federal Prison Administration

Public Address System Supply and  Installation

2. Lalibela International Airport

Public Address System Supply and Installation

3.  Axum International Airport

Public Address System Supply and installation

4.  Arbaminch International Airport

Public Address System Supply

5.  FLINSTON Engineering

Public Address System supply


1.  Ethiopian Telecommunication

Supply of Electrical Materials

2. GTZ

Supply of Electrical Materials


Supply of Electrical Materials

4. FLINSTON Engineering

Supply of Distribution Boards

5. Ethiopian Civil service

1set 60kva voltage stabilizer

6. Ambo

1 set 60Kva Voltage Stabilizer

7. DMC

2Pcs Door Automation

8. Mesfin Construction P.L.C

1pcs Door Automation


1. Grecs Engineering P.L.C

1.6 MVA synchronized generator sets at Gode.


Turn key for Manufacturing, supply and construction of complete office building including Generator, Network, Air condition at six different part of the country.

3. GZT – IS

Adama university temporary compound lighting


Prefabricated and accommodation and office building at Aysah.

5. ICT

Data center at prime ministry office including 80 kw UPS, Precision air conditioner.

6.  CBE                               

Data Canter UPS.

7.  GTZ-IS                            

Addis Ababa office data & power

8.   ETA

Data center UPS, Precision air -conditioner and Generator

9. Immigration

Turn key for 10 difficult in different Part of the country power, data, A/C Prefabricatied…


Supply and Installation of Electrical Materials at Debrezeit Bunkers and Taxi way project

11.  ETC

Supply and Construction of suspended ceiling

12.  Addis Ababa Hilton

Supply, Install, Test and  Commissioning of 1 x 1000Kva and 2 x 1250 Kva ORTEA Automatic Voltage  Stabilizer